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Welcome to xrysh akth hotel

The Golden Beach of Greece

Congratulations !!! You have picked the most astonishing place for your vacations ... where you can find a lot of diversions as well as good environment  , friendly people and extraordinary service . You can enjoy yourself with a whole bunch of ( summer or not ) activities while in the meantime taking advantage of the ancient but well preserved sites our beautiful city has to offer . Well ... second thoughts ? ... have the vacations of your life while taking a stroll in the beautiful alleys of our city traveling you back in a medieval based era !!! l'm sure you will enjoy it !!! While me and my son will do everything is passing through our hands to make you feel comfortable , serve you to the utmost and offer you a pleasant experience that will remain unforgettable !!! We eagerly anticipate your arrival ...

best regards !!!

the father

the son

Eleftherios Taraviras

Bill Taraviras